Slag Pots and Slag Cars

Slag Pots and Slag Cars

Slag pots are available with different capacities. We have the facility to cast the pots in different specified shape and style for a variety of mounting systems and methods of transport. Every slag pot designed and engineered is according to the critical customer specifications. Slag pots designed provide high tensile strength and fracture toughness to resist impact damage. Our Technicians also suggest you modifications that reduce cost and extend pot life through improved efficiencies.

The features of Slag Pots are:

  • Moulding processing:basic phenol formaldehyde resin technology.
  • Melting facilities:hx-30t electric arc furnace, lf-30t ladle furnace, and 30t vd/25t vod vacuum oxygen refining furnace.
  • Casting inspection:direct-reading spectrum instrument,metallographic analysis,ultrasonic inspection,magnetic particle inspection,mechanical properties inspection.
  • Heat treatment facilities:normalizing,annealing,quenching and tempering equipments.
  • Surface treatment:shot blast cleaning.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Require minimum maintenance.

Slag Cars manufactured in AMT International are of high quality and material which provides high performance, stability and operational safety. These also have low maintenance costs and high tensile strength so as to provide maximun efficiency to the customers.

The Slag Cars features are:

  • Die-cast metal sprung trucks.
  • Die-cast metal operating couplers with hidden uncoupling tab.
  • Flickering Slag load.
  • Manually rotating slag bucket.
  • Die-cast metal frame and slag bucket.
  • Separately applied metal details.