Power Plant Overhead Crane

Power Plant Overhead Crane

When there is a very specialised industry, the requirements of the industry are also very special and unique. For instance, if you look at a power plant, it is an industry that is very specialised, which means that in order to ensure proper working and functioning in that industry, you will need tools, machines and equipment that are just as specialised. The power plant overhead crane is one such specialised piece of machinery, which is used very specifically for power plants, but there are certain other industries which utilise the same too.

The power plant overhead crane originates from Europe, which is where it has found most usage. This is actually a double girder crane that is used in the main plant of the power plant. It is normally installed in the main section of the power plant, and the usage includes the installation and maintenance of the generator set. In addition, the same crane can also be used to lift and handle other electrical equipment and other such heavy material.

Generally, when a power plant is being constructed, there is a lot of heavy lifting to be done, which would include large generator units and other electrical machines. Because of the weight of these generators, what a lot of power plants choose to do, or rather have to do, is employ two cranes, just to move these heavy machines. In many cases, the generator exceeds the lifting capacity of a single crane, which is why two cranes are often required. In such situations, the bridge of each crane needs to be reinforced, there is the need for parallel controls and the generator also needs to be handled with additional care.

However, with the power plant overhead crane, an immense amount of money can be saved, because you are saving the cost of an extra crane. In addition, to lifting, handling and helping install the generator, the same crane can also be utilised for purposes of maintenance, general moving of material and even cleaning.

These are some of the important features of the power plant overhead crane:

  • Because the clearance levels are extremely low, it is perfect for power plants of varying capacities
  • The structure is incredibly compact, making it perfect for all kinds of spaces, including extremely constricting ones
  • The crane, the trolley as well as the hoisting mechanisms are all designed to be extremely safe and the braking systems are par excellence, mainly because the machines being handled by them are heavy and also expensive