Four Girder Cranes

Electric Hoist Double Girder Crane

When you are the owner of an industry, which fabricates or manufactures or simply deals in importing or exporting of large machines, equipment or products, one of your first requirements will be a crane that can handle the task of moving these large products. If you are looking for a crane that can handle general lifting and handling, then the right option for you would be the electric hoist double girder crane. Most cranes of this category would be able to lift anywhere between five to 32 tons at a time, with ease.

This adaptability is probably why the electric hoist double girder crane is so widely used and that it finds application in a host of industries. Whether you look at transportation, assembly lines, maintenance, handling or operation of machinery, manufacturing factories, workshops where some kind of processing work is done, warehouses, shipping and container yards, this is a crane that will find use. As a matter of fact, this type of crane can even be used in hydropower plants to lift and drop gates and help with cleaning and maintenance.

What is great about the electric hoist double girder crane is that it can easily replace the double girder bridge crane too, because it can be used in workshops which manufacture food or textile. The general electric hoist double girder crane has components such as trolley, bridge frame, mechanism for the crane travelling and an electrical control system. However, there are companies which will offer customisation and added features as well.

Here are some of the important features of the electric hoist double girder crane:

  • The bridge frame consists of a main beam and an end beam, a walkway, railings and ladders. The bridge frame uses a double girder structure, which offers a greater amount of strength and stability.
  • The crane has a compact structure, which is why it is an ideal choice even for the smaller industries and units.
  • The operating mechanism is reasonably easy, making it an ideal choice for small and medium industries too
  • The crane has a low building height clearance and the operating noise is also on the lower side.
  • The crane is also comparatively light weight and the small wheel pressure ensures smooth working
  • The girder design is what would be called the rail in the middle box and the very tenet of the design is such that it offers elevated levels of strength, stability and rigidity.
  • The soft starting motors are often used via ground control, but the motor can also be directly controlled by the contractor.
  • Many models also have a frequency convertor, which allows the operator to change the frequency as well as the voltage of the motor.