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EOT (Cranes & Traverser manufacturer in India)

Electric Overhead Travelling (EOT) crane is the most common type of crane which is installed in all the modern warehouses & manufacturing units. As the name suggests this crane generally is installed near the roof on parallel rails where a hook & line mechanism is used to lift & move products along the rails.

This is generally installed where there is a lot of movement of materials through the production process, for loading & unloading of heavy objects, special applications for high temperature metal handling. Generally the process where an EOT crane is used is repetitive in nature & this crane reduces a lot of burden on the manpower.

Most of the time, EOT cranes are required to be custom designed as per the need of the process. The design depends on the length of the span, the load it is required to carry, working temperatures, the frequency of use, level of automation required & wear-tear expected. Though the cranes are designed as per the requirement but it has to meet stringent regulations, testing & standards

Why Choose amt-intl as your EOT Manufacturer?

With more than 20 years of experience & consistent innovation in the field of Lifting & hauling, AMT International has established itself as a trusted EOT crane company & a trusted partner for any public & private sector undertaking. Not only this we have established ourselves as one of the Top 10 EOT crane manufacturers of India.

Out Endeavour to become Best EOT crane manufacturer of India is what keeps our team motivated. We are a mix of young & seasoned professionals spread over various specialities from designing to testing to installation of the E.O.T crane. Our R & D teams work on the design of each part of the EOT crane & assembly before the crane finally moves into productions. We also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for EOT Cranes (AMC for EOT Cranes) providing spares at very competitive prices. This gives the organisations a lot of peace of mind.

Some of our Manufacturing facilities include:

Load Testing Facilities

We have all kind facilities available with us for the load testing of the cranes. The facility available with us is totally commensurate with all the standards needed for testing. We are using fabricated structure and test Rig for the purpose. All the cranes, we manufacture have to go through strenuous testing before the same is dispatched from the works. We are known for our quality manufacturing and support facilities.

Design & Quality Control

We have a strong engineering and R&D section to meet the demands of the today’s modern technologies. We are maintaining all our records as per ISO 9001:2000 on computers. There are regular inspections of the ISO certifying authorities to check our documentation. So, we have 100% updated records and detail of all the parts under manufacturing process and that need inspection.

Welding Facilities

We have all the facilities needed for the purpose of welding. We have qualified & experienced welders for the purpose. We are using ovens for pre heating of welding rods. We are using welding rectifiers & MIG Machines for welding purpose. we have all the modern facilities required for the welding.

Gear Manufacturing

We have fully equipped infrastructure for the purpose of gear manufacturing. We have our own units which are engaged into forging and Castings. In nutshell, we start the manufacturing process from the steel and present the same in a final shape of crane.

Machining Facilities

We have all the facilities required for the purpose of Machining of Components. We have qualified & experienced supervisory staff as well as workers for the purpose.

Types of EOT Cranes

Four Girder Cranes

Our 4 Girder cranes are super specialised designed to withhold strenuous & rough working conditions. These work as charging & backup to carry & pour metal.

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

We make upto 500 MT capacity long haul double girder cranes. These have been used in various sectors and working for many years without any complaint.

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Revolving Trolley Cranes

Especially designed to handle long products like TMT Bars, billets, wire rod, the rotating trolley cranes have different capacities with standardised attachments

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Cranes with Special Attachments

Generally special purpose cranes which are customised to handle specific kind of product lifting & hauling. We custom the cranes as per need of manufacturing unit

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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Our single girder cranes deploy special load testing to ensure safety of the operator. These come in various capacities and can even be customised.

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Semi-Gantry Crane

Semi Gantry cranes have one side supported with elevated runaway. These are combination of overhear bridge crane & motorised gantry crane.

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Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

These are very similar to ceiling hoists but the main difference being that these can be completely portable & free standing.

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Electric Hoist Double Girder Crane

This is very similar to EOT the cranes but generally limited capacity of less than 50MT and uses Electric Hoist as the lifting mechanism.

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Hydropower Gantry Crane

These are specially designed Gantry craned for Hydropower plants. These are generally mounted on the hydropower station crest.

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Power Plant Overhead Crane

When there is a very specialised industry, AMT designs the cranes as per the unique & specific needs of the unit.

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E.O.T crane stands for Electric Overhead Travelling Crane which means a crane that runs near the rooftop using electricity.

EOT cranes are generally custom designed as per the requirement of the user. But depending on various conditions, the parts follow standards that are universally accepted.

  • Hoist
  • Trolley
  • Bridge
  • Columns
  • Runway Rails
  • End Effectors
  • Outriggers
  • Counterweights
  • Jib & Hook Mechanism
  • Load tested Steel Cable
  • Operating Joysticks
  • Foot pedals

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