EOT Cranes Manufacturers

Over the past several years, the construction world has seen many changes and the manner in which the construction is actually done has evolved. Gone are the days when material had to be moved by hand or by using basic machines. Today, cranes have made transporting large and heavy material as well as equipment, extremely easy and quick. This in turn, has made the entire construction world extremely efficient.

However, it is not just the construction world that benefited from such machines, but several other domains and industries too. If you too have a requirement for equipment that can make your work easier, complete it faster and ensure that all the work is done without too much human effort, you could look at investing in an EOT crane.

EOT or Electric Overhead Travelling cranes are a great investment for organisations that need regular movement of large items, easily and efficiently. For most companies that already own an EOT crane, there is no work life without it, mainly because it is an extremely versatile piece of machinery. Not only is it simple to operate, but finding uses for it would prove to be extremely simple.

However, it is important to remember that an EOT crane is a not an impulsive buy and a lot of thought needs to be put in before you make the actual purchase. Where you choose to buy the crane from is just as important as which crane you purchase. Take some time to understand your own requirements, before finalising who to make the purchase from. When you have chosen what kind of crane you would need, you will have to spend some time on figuring out which manufacturers sell the same or would be willing to fabricate one for you.

When you are investing in a machine such as an EOT crane, you need to remember that the design has to be as per industry standards and more importantly, the material that has been used for the fabrication purpose has to be of the optimum grade too. Throughout the manufacturing process, all domestic and international standards need to be adhered to. Ideally, the manufacturer should provide you with a proper warranty for the crane that is being sold to you.

Selling is something that all manufacturers do, however, you need to make sure that the manufacturer you choose will not only sell you the best product, but also ensure that the entire structure is delivered to you in proper condition. At times, the cranes are delivered in multiple pieces and assembly is required – you need to make sure that the manufacturer you choose is willing to ensure the safe delivery of all the pieces and arrange for assembly as well.

Once the crane has been delivered to you, you need to make sure that you inspect all parts to ensure that there are no breakages or damages; in case something of the sort is noticed, you need to make sure that the same is replaced. Post complete satisfaction, the manufacturer should send in a team that will ensure that the installation is done properly and the crane, once assembled, should be in perfect working condition. The manner in which this team functions will also play an important role in the long run – not only should they be willing to install the crane as requested by you, they should also show flexibility in the actual installation process. Aspects such as alignment, levelling and distance between the centre of the rails should be checked. Before the crane is handed over to you, a safety team should be brought in, because only after their signing off, should anyone be allowed to use the crane.

Ideally, someone from the team should be willing to offer a training session, should none of your team members know how to operate the crane. They should teach your team members about how the crane can be manoeuvred, what speeds it can handle, what kind of material can be transported, in which environments the crane will work and what the normal problems that can arise are. In addition, they should also provide information about how frequently and for what duration the crane can be used and what the idea loading spectrum is.

Once you have purchased the crane, most companies will consider their work done, but when you are making the choice, you need to make sure that you choose someone who is willing to offer proper after sales services and support, as and when required. Ideally, there should be free services, at least during the warranty period, which will ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your crane.