Guide of Double Girder EOT Cranes

There are certain industries where a small sized crane that can carry loads of up to 20 tons would be more than enough; but there are certain industries which require cranes that can carry and move a lot more weight. For such industries, a double girder EOT crane would be the best choice, but purchasing one needs a lot more than just money. This is not an investment that one would make without consideration and you need to be sure that the crane is what you need.

Before you decided to invest in a double girder EOT crane, it is essential that you look at the major characteristics of this type of crane. Understanding the characteristics will allow you to decide whether this is the best choice for your industrial unit or not:

  • The design is simple and precise, which ensures that not only is the crane easy to use, but also highly efficient. The design also ascertains minimum deadweight as well as wheel load headroom.
  • The design is normally such that the hoisting process is reasonably simple and the when a load is being transported, it happens with ease.
  • The cranes are generally designed to offer higher levels of efficiency, when it comes to power consumption. In addition, the 110 V control voltage offers an elevated level of protection to the crane operator, particularly against any kind of electrical shock.
  • The best quality double girder EOT cranes will have a failsafe type brakes – these brakes are applied when the power supply is not available and can be released only when the power supply is restored. This brake offers higher protection against sudden power outages.

When you are looking to purchase a double girder EOT crane, these are the specifications and special aspects that you need to look out for:

  • The crane should have limit switches that will protect all motions
  • There should be a dust proof panel box, which will offer the mechanism the protection it requires
  • The crane should have rubber buffers, which will provide an extra level of protection, in case there is a collision
  • There should be an arrangement for electrical interlocking, which will prevent the chances of simultaneous operation in opposite directions
  • All double girder EOT cranes should have structures, wheels, gearboxes, wire rope, electrical motors, panels and hooks assembly

Some of the other specifications that matter when it comes to double girder EOT cranes include:

  • Availability with Radio remote Control
  • Classes – Class-I, Class-II, Class-III and Class-IV
  • Design as per industry standards

When you are looking to invest in a double girder EOT crane, there are numerous benefits that you will get to reap and some of the prominent ones include:

  • Faster as compared to other cranes with maximum bridge