AMT INTERNATIONAL – A Reliable Name in Crane Manufacturing

There are certain brands that we tend to trust with our eyes closed – these are names that have been able to establish themselves in the industry and the products or services that they offer are beyond compare. Over the past few years, there is one name in the domain of manufacturing cranes and girders, that has emerged as one of the leaders. AMT International is now a name to reckon with in this industry, and for people who are in the know-how, there are few options better than AMT International.

However, it is important to know that AMT International did not reach the top spot overnight or by taking any easy ways out. The road to the top has been one of dedication, hard work and a commitment to quality. This is exactly why, people are now choosing to put their absolute trust in this name, because they are aware that if they purchase a product from AMT International, it will be at par with international standards and offer them hassle free usage for a really long time.

Here are some of the products that AMT International offers to its clients at present:

  • We offer one of the widest ranges of cranes, which include Double Girder Overhead Crane, Electric Hoist Double Girder Crane, Electric Hoist Gantry Crane, Hydropower Gantry Crane, Power Plant Overhead Crane and Semi-Gantry Crane.
  • Whether you are looking for Shearing Machines, Section Straightening Machines or machines that are used for Heavy Treatments, we are the people for you.
  • We also offer the finest quality Wheel Assemblies, Slag Pots and Slag Cars, Ladle Cars, Gear Coupling, Gear Boxes, Forgings and Casting.
  • We also provide high end steel plant equipment as well as equipment and services for heavy fabrication

Now, here are just some of the other reasons why you also can put your trust in AMT International:

  • When you buy a crane or machine from us, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality machine. We utilise only the finest grade metal and our unit is state of the art, ensuring the finest end product.
  • Our team has experienced professionals, who know how to ensure efficient fabrication and best use of resources.
  • Our unit is fitted to manufacture a large number of machines and cranes at a time, which means that no matter how big or small an order is, we are equipped to handle it.
  • Although we offer the largest range of cranes and machines, we are always willing to offer customisation to our customers.
  • Our aim is to ensure complete client satisfaction, for which we are ever willing to go to all extremes.

Over the years, the team at AMT International has been able to provide machines and related services with ease and efficiency. This has been possible because the entire team has a strong sense of dedication and looks forward to offering nothing but the best to the clients. In the past several years, we have been able to win over several clients and continue to gain many more, each day.