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EOT Cranes & Traverser manufacturer in India

AMT International, a Leading EOT Crane Company in India, was established in the year 1994 with a vision to provide quality lifting & hauling solutions and meet the growing demand of secondary steel industry. Today we are proud leaders in the field & choice of many leading manufacturer in India & Abroad. We’re one of the Top suppliers of EOT Cranes & Traversers to Steel Authority, Indian Railways for. As an EOT Cranes manufacturer, we’ve supplied cranes up to 500 Tons capacity. Some of our key facts that make us the Best EOT crane manufacturer in India include:

  • Most of our projects are on Turn-key basis which makes the partners in the success of the project.
  • We’ve full range of testing to ensure best results for
    • Chemical Analysis by Spectrometer
    • Liquid Penetrate Testing
    • Ultrasonic Testing
    • Tensile Testing
    • Impact Testing
    • Sound Level Testing
    • Hardness Testing
  • We’re an ISO 9001:2000 certified company from TUV Germany.
  • We’re also one of the leading Exporters of EOT Cranes in India. Our installations are around the globe including but not limited to Kenya, Tanzania, U.A.E., Zimbabwe, Botswana, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sultanate of Oman, Bangladesh and Nepal
  • As leading EOT Crane suppliers of India, our standards are at par with best in the world. This is specially owing to precision & technologically superior manufacturing facilities.
  • We also provide Annual Maintenance Contracts for EOT Cranes (AMC for EOT Cranes) providing spares at very competitive prices. This gives the organizations a lot peace of mind.
  • We serve many sectors like railways, power, nuclear, shipbuilding, steel plant, heavy/general engineering sectors, Automobiles etc.

Types of EOT Cranes

Four Girder Cranes

Our 4 Girder cranes are super specialised designed to withhold strenuous & rough working conditions. These work as charging & backup to carry & pour metal.

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Double Girder Overhead Crane

We make upto 500 MT capacity long haul double girder cranes. These have been used in various sectors and working for many years without any complaint.

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Revolving Trolley Cranes

Especially designed to handle long products like TMT Bars, billets, wire rod, the rotating trolley cranes have different capacities with standardised attachments

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Cranes with Special Attachments

Generally special purpose cranes which are customised to handle specific kind of product lifting & hauling. We custom the cranes as per need of manufacturing unit

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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Our single girder cranes deploy special load testing to ensure safety of the operator. These come in various capacities and can even be customised.

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Semi-Gantry Crane

Semi Gantry cranes have one side supported with elevated runaway. These are combination of overhear bridge crane & motorised gantry crane.

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Electric Hoist Gantry Crane

These are very similar to ceiling hoists but the main difference being that these can be completely portable & free standing.

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Electric Hoist Double Girder Crane

This is very similar to EOT the cranes but generally limited capacity of less than 50MT and uses Electric Hoist as the lifting mechanism.

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Hydropower Gantry Crane

These are specially designed Gantry craned for Hydropower plants. These are generally mounted on the hydropower station crest.

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Power Plant Overhead Crane

When there is a very specialised industry, AMT designs the cranes as per the unique & specific needs of the unit.

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Who We Are?

AMT International - Leading Supplier and Manufacturer of EOT Cranes and Traversers Established in 1994,

AMT-INTL is a pioneer manufacturer of Double Girder E.O.T. Cranes and traversers ranging from 3 Ton Cap to 500 Ton Capacity for various sectors. We’ve also specialized in special purpose cranes catering to many small & medium scale enterprises. Our technical competence is based on the testing & design and that is the main reason our cranes are durable & require much less maintenance. We also provide AMC contracts to ensure full peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Provide economical & durable EOT cranes to all sectors

Our Approach

Make technologically superior & lasting products

Our vision

Become India’s target Crane supplier & exporters

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Why Choose Us?

The working environment of “amt international” is such that all the affairs of the company are being managed in a professional way and complete transparency is visible in all the operations. It is due to the untiring efforts put in by all the staff members of “amt international ” which are highly qualified, efficient, hardworking and move together with management.

An expert is instructed by experience; one who has the skill, experience, or extensive knowledge in his calling or in any special branch of learning. We have various employees who are experts in their field but some of the best experts who are working as Directors of different departments are “Mr. Kumar Khanolkar” is 1976 pass out in Mechanical Stream in Bachelor of Engineering. He has done his Chartered Engineering in 1983 into consultation. “Mr. Avtar Singh” he has a wide knowledge of in his field he has done Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Stream. And last but not the least “Mr. D.D.” Sharma is Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical; he is working as a Director in the quality assurance corporate department. He has extensive experience in the areas of Quality Management System. Besides these skills they are experts in, quality and manufacturing management, manufacturing/process engineering consulting, technical ceramics manufacturing, quality assurance, outsourcing and offshore manufacturing consulting.

Our Client Say

AMT International has been a very consistent supplier for EOT Cranes & spares for decades. The products supplied by them have been reliable and durable. We recommend them strongly.

- Viraj Profiles

Karam Singh & his team have given us amazing turn-around times. Their technical know-how and quality consciousness helps them deliver consistent quality EOT cranes

- Megatherm


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